Connecting from the Margins


Twice Exceptional Love is a website intended to be a resource and connecting point for those who work with, live with, and/or love “gifted”and disabled individuals. Those  of us on the journey with one who is “gifted” and disabled know that the “gifted” journey is not the ticket to social privilege, most assume. It is a neuro-developmental variation of experience, that places one’s life and abilities in the margins, away from the “norm”.  In other words, we live life with our children and as those with rare abilities and burdens – that those from the norm do not experience, nor often understand. In a word, we are exceptional.  Twice Exceptional Love is a website designed to bridge and connect those on the twice-exceptional journey.  

Twice exceptional love is the story of the life of living the entire “gifted” and “differently abled” person.  It is the narrative about navigating the gifts of exception and its burdens.  Rooted in neuro-diversity, lived through the “gifted and disabled labels,” twice exceptional love is the experience of life in full view of what it means to be exceptional.

Advocates for and loved ones of twice exceptional children know, live and love the full reality of gifted, neuro-diversity. While we continue to experience the forces of “life-towards-the-median,” parents of twice exceptional children balance life between the margins and the norm – bridging life and experience for ourselves and our children. No matter what exceptional experience is yours – as parent, person, or curious reader – Twice-Exceptional Love is a site for exceptional community, designed to share stories, insight, resources, significance and hope to all those in the gifted twice-exceptional community!