Gathering on the patio…

One of my favorite spots for memories, wether it was chasing bubbles as a giggling kiddo or ordering a warm cup or a tall glass on the corner of urban, is the patio.  It doesn’t matter the size, nor the shape, not really even the condition of the patio.  This is the place where people gather. To know that the hustle and bustle of the day drops at the patio’s gate, and you are welcomed in with a genuine hello and an invitation to pause and listen to others, even share a bit yourself (if you’re so inclined) – this is the sacred of the patio.

Those of us on the gifted, twice exceptional journey know the joy of gathering.  Though geography and statistics disperse us quite randomly, the gift of gifted/twice exceptional gathering is communion – shared life with other fellow exceptional travelers.  Gifted, twice exceptional individuals and families are invited to create and share the joy of this gathering here at Twice Exceptional Love.

This is a website, meant to offer the “patio space and gathering tables” for all those a part of and interested in the gifted, exceptional experiences in life.  Here we stop and unwind, look at things from different view points, and exhale in the knowledge that others say, “me too.” In every day life spheres, gifted individuals are much less likely make meaningful personal connections because of the complexities in life, ability, and circumstance. Here, at Twice Exceptional Love, an invitation to gather at our patio, means the expectations to perform are translated into the chance to be.  Gathering at the “gifted”/2e “patio” is an invitation to bring the full experience of gifted and exceptional to the table.

Twice Exceptional Love will cover a range of conversations, in hopes that resources, knowledge and encouragement will flow.   Wether you are a twice exceptional adult, parent of a twice exceptional child, a professional supporting twice exceptional individuals, or a family member or neighbor of twice-exceptional individual, this is the spot to come and listen, share, and learn.

Have you found your gathering of gifted/2e in real time?  What did it take to help you to find it? How does a virtual community fit into your ideas of community for gifted/2e families?  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to Twice Exceptional Love’s gathering on the “patio.”

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