Meet Melinda

Melinda is a full time idealist, naturally sarcastic, and genuine to a fault.  She loves finding connection and meaning, and can be so wordy that she can keep her backspace button busy for days.  From her beginning, Melinda has been in love with people.  Human development, spirituality & Christian faith, relationships & community, these are the biggest chunks of her “jam.” Born and raised in the middle of the mid-west, Melinda took its hospitality to heart and always loves to welcome the face of new and loved friends across her path.  She is a gal, born in the 70’s, raised in the 80’s took flight in the 90’s, grounded by the birth of her own family in the beginning of the 21st century, and now rarin’ in the start of a new century, as she emerges mid-life with a cup of coffee in hand and a purpose.  She’s thrilled you’ve decided to stop a while and join her.

Her Bio/Backgound….

In biographical terms, Melinda was born into the mid-west suburbia, living her formative years in Indiana and Kentucky.  She was wooed by her Ol’ Kentucky home (ie. cheap tuition costs) to stay and learn in the bluegrass for college.  She grabbed a dual degree in Human Development and Family and Consumer Resource Management.  Once loaded with the elusively promising bachelor’s degree, she headed down to Florida to work in youth and families at a United Methodist Church.  On the front lines with families, Melinda quickly realized her passion for serving individuals and families on a different level.  So she headed back north, to Kentucky, to gain her graduate degrees in counseling at Asbury Theological Seminary (mental health counseling) and Purdue University (school counseling).  Melinda has had the privilege of walking through life’s journey with many through counseling in elementary schools, college counseling center, community counseling center, wellness coaching center, and private practice.  Her counseling work fit well with her empathetic and intuitive nature, and she gained perspective on a wide slice of life.

True to her family centered nature, when the loves of her life came along, (in surprising, rapid succession – 2005 “her Man”, 2007 “Girl 1”, & 2008 “Girl 2,”) Melinda’s heart and work became centered in her home and community.  Through the past 10 years, her journey, living a part of and beside her unique, twice-exceptional family, has been her greatest teacher and hardest work.  As common to many twice-exceptional families, Melinda’s professional focus transitioned, setting counseling aside for a season, so that she could support her daughters and serve as an advocate and resource for the gifted and twice exceptional families.

Melinda’s belief in the inherent worth of all people exploded exponentially, as she became a mother of two amazing, twice exceptional daughters.  Her eyes and heart have been opened to the range of life experience and ability all humans hold.  Melinda’s purpose is that gifted and twice exceptional children and families would know – without a doubt, from the inside out, how amazing and essential they are and that they would find THE place in the world, only they can fill.  This has been a lesson that Melinda has learned and is continuing to learn.  By walking the talk, and sharing her and her family’s journey, she seeks to share hope and twice-exceptional love.

So pull up a chair on the patio, with an open mind and a cup of joe and dive into living twice-exceptional love.

****All contents of this blog are considered the personal experience, thoughts, and opinions of Melinda Humbert.  This blog is for informational purposes only.  It should not be considered any form of therapeutic relationship with or mental health treatment received from Melinda Humbert.  If you are seeking medical or professional help, go to your local community provider(s) for assistance.  If you have an emergency/crisis situation, contact your local emergency assistance help at 911, immediately. ****

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